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ICMB is the most prestigious annual academic conference on mobile business, bringing together experts from around the globe in an intensive event, in which research results are presented, partnerships are formed, and the future of m-business is debated in a friendly atmosphere. ICMB has been held annually since 2002, each year in a different region of the world. Prior locations include Athens, Greece (2002), Vienna, Austria (2003), New York, USA (2004), Sydney, Australia (2005), Copenhagen, Denmark (2006), Toronto, Canada (2007), Barcelona, Spain (2008), and Dalian, China (2009).

GMR is the other major international annual m-business conference with a joint academia/industry flavor. GMR has also been running since 2002 and prior locations include Tokyo, Japan (2002), Stockholm, Sweden (2003), Texas, USA (2004), Hong Kong, China (2005), Helsinki, Finland (2006), Los Angeles, USA (2007), Auckland, New Zealand (2008), and Cairo, Egypt (2009) GMR brings together experts and decision-makers from industry, academia and policy-making agencies. The conference provides an opportunity to build and support sustainable international networks of researchers and practitioners working in the mobile communications and wireless data industry.  It also aims to enable the exchange of knowledge about best practices in this industry and facilitate communication and collaboration among global players.


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